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Come See What’s In Store!

Come see historic downtown St. Augustine’s largest selection of gourmet cheeses and kitchen goodies. Whether you are a chef or a dedicated foodie (or you know someone with an appreciation for food), come see the many unusual items you won’t want to be without.

Come meet our dedicated staff of gourmet chefs and foodies
to learn what’s new in the world of culinary arts and gifts.
We always havedelicious samples in store
to tantalize your tastebuds.

Where To Find Good Cheeses?

For four years, we’ve been asked where to find good cheeses downtown. To accommodate our customers, we’ve stepped out of our wine-zone and are featuring a variety of yummy treats to pair with wine, and other culinary delights. The gourmet coffees and chocolates are from local artisans and the exquisite cheeses are imported from around the world.

We also host a large selection of meal starters and gifts that are unusual and fun. Come shop and let us know if you need help finding a special item. We have access to hundreds of exciting products.

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